What Is Information And Communication Technology What Is Ict Information Technology Management

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Title : What Is Information And Communication Technology What Is Ict Information Technology Management
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Description : In This Tutorial You Should Know About What Is Information And Communication Technology Or What Is Ict And Information Technology Management Course Introduction The Course Is Aimed To Provide An Outline Of Computer Its Uses Development Components Input Output Devices Hardware And Software The Course Also Covers Fundamentals And Use Of Ict Course Objectives After Completing The Course The Students Should Be Able To 1 Understand The Role And Importance Of Ict In Today S Society 2 Identify Various Components Of A Computer System 3 Understand Basics Of Data Communication And Networking Of Computer System 4 Understand Basics Of Windows Operating System And Its Functionality 5 Understand Basic Concepts Of Multimedia And Identify And Use Various Multimedia Components 6 Understand Basic Concepts Of Computer Languages Course Outline Unit 1 Introduction To Ict Introduction To Ict And Definitions Ict Application Examples Ict As An Aid To Computer Teaching And Learning Unit 2 Overview And Organization Of Computers History And Development Of Computer Generations Of Computer Types Of Computer Classification Of Computer Applications Of Computer Buses Ports Microprocessor Main Memory Motherboard Of Computer System Secondary Storage Devices Unit 3 Input Devices Keyboard Devices Point And Draw Devices Digitizer Speech Recognition Devices Data Scanning Devices Image Scanner Ocr Omr Bcr Micr Electronic Card Reader And Vision Input System Unit 4 Output Devices Monitor Graphic Adopter Size Resolution And Types Of Monitors Printers And Types Dot Matrix Ink Jet Drum Chain Band And Laser Plotters Raster Pen Presentation Graphics Special Function Terminal Atms Poss Multimedia Projector And Voice Response Systems Voice Reproduction System Speech Synthesizer Unit 5 Computer Software Introduction How Software Works Types Of Software Application And System Software Software Installation Uninstalling Software Development Of Software Software Distribution Unit 6 Operating System Introduction And Functions Of An Operating System System Performance Measure Process Management Some Popular Operating Systems Microsoft Windows Practice Start Shutdown Creating And Operating On The Icons Opening Closing And Sizing The Windows Using Elementary Job Commands Like Creating Saving Modifying Renaming Finding And Deleting A File Creating And Operating On A Folder Changing Setting Like Date Time Color Back Ground And Foreground Using Short Cuts Using On Line Help Control Panel And Its Usage Concept Of Task Manager Setting Up Network Connection And Ip Setting Unit 7 Data Communication And Networking Data Sources And Types Of Signals Basic Elements Of A Communication System Data Transmission Modes Data Transmission Media Data Transmission Speed Switching Techniques Routing Techniques Network Topology Network Types Communication Protocols Network Interface Cards Concept Of Osi Model Unit 8 Multimedia Introduction To Multimedia Multimedia Components Text Graphics Animation Audio And Video Multimedia Applications Multimedia Presentation Foreign Language Learning Video Games Special Effects In Movies Multimedia Kiosk Animated Advertisements Multimedia Conferencing Media Center Computer Unit 9 Introduction To Computer Languages Introduction Types Characteristics And Generations Of Computer Languages Concepts Of Assembler Compiler Linker And Interpreter Basics Of Ict Information Communication And Technology Course Code 1431 5403 Bachelor Level Ba B Com Blis Aiou Course Code 1431 Basic Of Ict Complete Video Tutorial Computer Science Online Course Subscribe Us On Youtube Https Www Youtube Com Channel Uciv37yiyars6msmiqxopieq What Is Information And Communication Technology What Is Ict Information Technology Management music mp3 and video mp4
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