Woollybear Camping Trailer By Taxa Outdoors

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Title : Woollybear Camping Trailer By Taxa Outdoors
Uploader : Wheelyhouse
Description : Taxa Was Inspired By Slim Bodies Of Generator Trailers When Designing Those Boxes And Each Measures Just 30 In 762 Mm In Width Set Inside A 50 In 1 270 Mm Wheelbase A Torsion Axle Suspension Cushions The Wheels And There S A Foot 305 Mm Of Clearance Between Trailer And Ground Up Top A Cargo Deck With Crossbars Serves To Hold Gear Like Bikes And Kayaks Taxa Is Aiming To Keep Weight Around 700 Lb 318 Kg The Two Boxes And Middle Compartment Separating Them Stretch 84 In 2 1 M Front To Back Total Length Is 90 In 2 2 M And Are Focused On Cooking And Storage The Long Driver Side Storage Compartment At The Top Of The Larger Box Includes A Drop Down Hatch That Doubles As A Counter The Owner Can Store A Propane Stove And Other Cooking Tools Inside This Cabinet Drop Down The Hatch And Have Everything Ready For Cooking In A Few Minutes The Drawer Inside The Front Box Holds A Large Cooler Finishing Off The Functional Outdoor Kitchen Space With Cold Food Storage There S Also More Storage Below The Kitchen Countertop And The Open Void Box Between The Two Main Boxes Is Sized To Fit A Combination Of Two Jerry Cans And A 20 Lb 9 Kg Propane Tank Woollybear Camping Trailer By Taxa Outdoors music mp3 and video mp4
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