Canadian Clown At Presentation Ceremony After Space Mission

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Title : Canadian Clown At Presentation Ceremony After Space Mission
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Description : 19 Oct 2009 1 Wide Of Nameplate Of Star City 2 Wide Of Cosmonauts Going To Lay Flowers To Yuri Gagarin Monument 3 Close Up Of Yuri Gagarin Monument 4 Mid Of Space Crew Members Laying Flowers 5 Cutaway Cameramen 6 Mid Of Cosmonauts Standing For Photo 7 Wide Of Press 8 Mid Pan Of Cosmonauts 9 Mid Of Band Playing 10 Mid Of Guy Laliberte Cirque Du Soleil Founder Walking With Other Guests 11 Soundbite English Guy Laliberte Cirque Du Soleil Founder Actually I Have Always Been Inspired By Space In One Of My Shows But It Certainly Will Help To Inspire Some Beautiful Things 12 Mid Of Girls Greeting Cosmonauts With Bread Salt And Flowers 13 Mid Of Local Residents With Canadian Flag And Balloons 14 Close Up Of Cosmonauts Trying Offered Bread And Salt 15 Wide Of Children With Canadian Flag And Balloons Waving Hands 16 Various Of Cosmonauts Entering Local Cultural Centre 17 Wide Of Interior Cultural Centre And Cosmonauts Greeted With Presents And Flowers 18 Mid Of Guy Laliberte Receiving Gifts 19 Wide Of People Applauding Storyline Space Tourist And Founder Of Cirque De Soleil Guy Laliberte Attended A Special Ceremony At Russia S Star City On Monday Following His Recent Mission To The International Space Station The Canadian Artist And Entrepreneur Attended The Ceremony With Russian Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka Nasa Astronauts Mike Barratt And Tim Kopra And Japanese Cosmonaut Koichi Wakata They Were Praised For Their Work And Presented With Medals And Gifts Of Flowers And Food By A Reception Of Space Officials And Local Residents Laliberte A Billionaire Who Once Worked As A Stilt Walker And Fire Eater Used His 10 Day Trip To The International Space Station To Promote Humanitarian Causes Dubbed The First Clown In Space He Said On His Return That His 35 M Million Us Dollar Trip Was An Effective Marketing Tool To Put The One Drop Foundation On The Map The Non Profit Group Promotes Access To Clean Water Worldwide And Laliberte Advanced That Cause By Hosting A Global Web Broadcast That Featured Rock Stars And Politicians Among Those Appearing On The October 9 Web Broadcast From Earth Were Former Us Vice President Al Gore U2 And Shakira Laliberte Had Billed His Trip Into Space As A Poetical Social Mission The Man Who Wore A Red Clown Nose Aboard The Iss Said He Experienced Only One Scary Moment During His Return Trip To Earth As The Soyuz Capsule Re Entered The Atmosphere And Plunged Toward The Planet Quebec Born Laliberte Founded Cirque Du Soleil In 1984 And Is Worth An Estimated 2 5 B Billion Us Dollars He Is The Seventh Paying Space Tourist To Have Boarded The Station And Will Be The Second Of Three Canadians To Orbit The Earth In The Same Year Robert Thirsk Has Been Aboard The Space Station Since May And Two Time Space Traveller Julie Payette Is Scheduled To Join Him In December Keyword Space You Can License This Story Through Ap Archive Http Www Aparchive Com Metadata Youtube 2bb69a7314430b0435e31c5b1922c1ae Find Out More About Ap Archive Http Www Aparchive Com Howwework Canadian Clown At Presentation Ceremony After Space Mission music mp3 and video mp4
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