The Great Gildersleeve The House Is Sold The Jolly Boys Club Is Formed Job Hunting

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Title : The Great Gildersleeve The House Is Sold The Jolly Boys Club Is Formed Job Hunting
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Description : The Great Gildersleeve 1941 1957 Initially Written By Leonard Lewis Levinson Was One Of Broadcast History S Earliest Spin Off Programs Built Around Throckmorton Philharmonic Gildersleeve A Character Who Had Been A Staple On The Classic Radio Situation Comedy Fibber Mcgee And Molly First Introduced On Oct 3 1939 Ep 216 The Great Gildersleeve Enjoyed Its Greatest Success In The 1940s Actor Harold Peary Played The Character During Its Transition From The Parent Show Into The Spin Off And Later In A Quartet Of Feature Films Released At The Height Of The Show S Popularity On Fibber Mcgee And Molly Peary S Gildersleeve Was A Pompous Windbag Who Became A Consistent Mcgee Nemesis You Re A Haa Aa Aa Aard Man Mcgee Became A Gildersleeve Catchphrase The Character Was Given Several Conflicting First Names On Fibber Mcgee And Molly And On One Episode His Middle Name Was Revealed As Philharmonic Gildy Admits As Much At The End Of Gildersleeve S Diary On The Fibber Mcgee And Molly Series Oct 22 1940 He Soon Became So Popular That Kraft Foods Looking Primarily To Promote Its Parkay Margarine Spread Sponsored A New Series With Peary S Gildersleeve As The Central Slightly Softened And Slightly Befuddled Focus Of A Lively New Family Premiering On August 31 1941 The Great Gildersleeve Moved The Title Character From The Mcgees Wistful Vista To Summerfield Where Gildersleeve Now Oversaw His Late Brother In Law S Estate And Took On The Rearing Of His Orphaned Niece And Nephew Marjorie Originally Played By Lurene Tuttle And Followed By Louise Erickson And Mary Lee Robb And Leroy Forester Walter Tetley The Household Also Included A Cook Named Birdie Curiously While Gildersleeve Had Occasionally Spoken Of His Never Present Wife In Some Fibber Episodes In His Own Series The Character Was A Confirmed Bachelor In A Striking Forerunner To Such Later Television Hits As Bachelor Father And Family Affair Both Of Which Are Centered On Well To Do Uncles Taking In Their Deceased Siblings Children Gildersleeve Was A Bachelor Raising Two Children While At First Administering A Girdle Manufacturing Company If You Want A Better Corset Of Course It S A Gildersleeve And Then For The Bulk Of The Show S Run Serving As Summerfield S Water Commissioner Between Time With The Ladies And Nights With The Boys The Great Gildersleeve May Have Been The First Broadcast Show To Be Centered On A Single Parent Balancing Child Rearing Work And A Social Life Done With Taste And Genuine Wit Often At The Expense Of Gildersleeve S Now Slightly Understated Pomposity Many Of The Original Episodes Were Co Written By John Whedon Father Of Tom Whedon Who Wrote The Golden Girls And Grandfather Of Deadwood Scripter Zack Whedon And Joss Whedon Creator Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Firefly And Dr Horrible S Sing Along Blog The Key To The Show Was Peary Whose Booming Voice And Facility With Moans Groans Laughs Shudders And Inflection Was As Close To Body Language And Facial Suggestion As A Voice Could Get Peary Was So Effective And Gildersleeve Became So Familiar A Character That He Was Referenced And Satirized Periodically In Other Comedies And In A Few Cartoons Http En Wikipedia Org Wiki Great Gildersleeve The Great Gildersleeve The House Is Sold The Jolly Boys Club Is Formed Job Hunting music mp3 and video mp4
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