If You See This In A Public Bathroom Call The Police Immediately

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Title : If You See This In A Public Bathroom Call The Police Immediately
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Description : How To Protect Your Privacy There Are Places Where We All Want To Feel Safe And Protected From Outside Invasions For Instance Your Home Your Car And Public Restrooms It Turns Out Some People Are Placing Tiny Cameras In Coat Hooks At Public Restrooms To Spy On You Watch This Video Till The End To Find Out How To Recognize That Threat And What You Can Do To Protect Yourself And Your Family Timestamps How To Recognize Hidden Cameras In Public Bathrooms 1 02 Where Do Criminals Get The Cameras 2 52 How Do These Cameras Work 3 42 How To Determine If The Hook Has A Camera In It 4 02 What Are The Hook Cameras Actually For 4 32 Cases Of Spying Using Hook Cameras In Public Bathrooms 4 54 What Other Devices Can Be Dangerous 6 24 How Can You Protect Yourself 8 55 Music Https Www Youtube Com Audiolibrary Music Summary When Entering A Public Bathroom Always Look Around And Pay Attention To Any Coat Hooks You See Hidden Inside These Hooks Are Tiny Discrete Cameras Capable Of Capturing Not Only Still Pictures But Recorded Footage As Well Amazon And Ebay Offer Such Cameras To Anyone Willing To Pay And They Cost Less Than 10 Bucks Since These Tiny Spy Cameras Are Wireless They Can Be Recorded Remotely This Means That Somebody Has A Remote Control Which Is Also Wireless And Works Through Walls Some Clear Signs A Hook Is A Spying Device Are It S A Double Hook Attached To The Wall Where It S Of No Use And You Notice Some Blinking Light On It Coat Hook Cameras Are Supposed To Be For Home Security Since 2016 There Have Been Several Cases In Florida Of These Tiny Cameras Being Discovered In Public Bathrooms And Rest Areas A 2015 Case In England Made Headlines When A Young Woman Spotted A Hidden Camera Recording Her While She Was Taking A Shower In Her Hotel A Survey Conducted By The Which Group Found That Eight Of The Fifteen Devices You Use On A Regular Basis Including Tvs Baby Monitors And Even Toys Can Be Hacked Always Change Default Passwords And Log Ins To Devices That Are Connected To The Internet Use Sticky Tape To Cover Microphones And Cameras On These Gadgets So That Cyber Criminals Can T See What You Re Doing And Eavesdrop On Your Personal Life Subscribe To Bright Side Https Goo Gl Rqtjzz Our Social Media Facebook Https Www Facebook Com Brightside Instagram Https Www Instagram Com Brightgram 5 Minute Crafts Youtube Https Www Goo Gl 8jvmuc For More Videos And Articles Visit Http Www Brightside Me If You See This In A Public Bathroom Call The Police Immediately music mp3 and video mp4
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