Nightcore Guren No Yumiya Attack On Titan Theme Song English

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Title : Nightcore Guren No Yumiya Attack On Titan Theme Song English
Uploader : Unlimited Nightcore
Description : Thanks For Watching If You Want To See My Channel In Youtube Please Support Me With Your Likes Shares Comments Subscribe Also You Can Follow My Instagram Account For Get Notification When I Upload A Video Unlimitednightcore Thank You Check Out The Original Singer Of This Cover Please Https Www Youtube Com Watch V Z9aa1xk1rxm Lyrics Are You The Food No We Are The Hunters Our Names Won T Be Remembered If We Die Like Trampled Flowers I Refuse To Be Forgotten Written Of As Less Than Worthless Scream And Cry But None Will Hear You Plead And Beg But None Will Help You You No Longer Live As Cattle Will You Rise And Join The Battle There Are Beings That Live Off Our Fears And Their Words Are Like Knives As They Play With Our Lives They Ll Try To Control You As If They Own You Will You Let Them Steal Your Freedom Channel The Anger Swelling Inside You Fight The Boundary Till You Break Through Deep In Your Soul There S No Hesitation So Make Yourself The One They All Fear There Is A Wild Fire Inside You Burning Desire You Can T Extinguish Your Crimson Arrow Rips Through The Twilight This Is The Moment For War Aim Your Arrow And Chase Until They Fall Don T Let The Target Get Away Shoot Your Arrow And Catch Up As They Fall Crush Those Standing In Your Way Draw Your Bow Until It Won T Go Further Back Feel The Tension With Your Fingers Shoot Until It Dies Peer Into Their Eyes See That No Signs Of Life Linger There Is No Need For Tools Or Skills To Mangle Your Prey And To Make The Kill Only The Lust For Revenge Honed And Waiting To Be Fulfilled Wir Sind Der Jäger We Are Hunters Feverish As The Blazing Fires Wir Sind Der Jäger We Are Hunters Ruthless As The Howling Arctic Winds Wir Sind Der Jäger We Are Hunters Soul And Arrow One Entity Wir Sind Der Jäger We Are Hunters Plow Through Every Obstacle Thats In Your Way To Change Something There Must Be Something Else As A Sacrifice To Pave The Road To Victory One Must Be Ready To Pay The Price What Can Be Achieved When We Hesitate Not Taking Perilous Chances So Are We Leaving It All Up To Fate Wild And Rash Thoughts They Might Be For Naught Even Though My Courage Is Blinded Still Place Your Bets Here Come The Army Of Freedom Let Us Running Slaves Sing In Victory Change The Hatred Towards Injustice To Arrows Flying Across The Abyss He Dreams Of The Taken Horizon Yearning For Freedom Eren The Bloodlust That Consumes My Body Devouring Every Fibre Of Me Bringing Them The Mauve Knell Of Midnight The Bows And Arrows Of Hell Attention I Do Not Own Anything In The Video Including The Audio And Picture The Credits Go To The Respective Owners This Is Purely A Fan Made And Will Not Be Used For Profit Or Illegal Sharing Fair Use Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 Of The Copyright Act 1976 Allowance Is Made For Fair Use For Purposes Such As Criticism Comment News Reporting Teaching Scholarship And Research Fair Use Is A Use Permitted By Copyright Statute That Might Otherwise Be Infringing Non Profit Educational Or Personal Use Tips The Balance In Favor Of Fair Use If You Are The Producer Or Owner Of This Song And You Want It To Be Removed Then Let Me Know And Send Me A Pm And I Will Remove It Nightcore Guren No Yumiya Attack On Titan Theme Song English music mp3 and video mp4
Tags :Shingeki No Kyojin, Nightcore, AMV, Anime, Guren No Yumiya, Attack On Titan, Zero Miz Kun, Cherry,
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