Bastiaan Trips After He Took 2c E Drugslab

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Title : Bastiaan Trips After He Took 2c E Drugslab
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Description : In This Episode Bastiaan Takes The Psychedelic Drug 2c E After Taking 2c E He Trips Very Hard Use 2c E Is A Powder And Is Generally Taken Orally You Can Put The Powder In A Capsule To Prevent A Dirty Taste Sniffing Is Not Recommended Which Can Also Be Very Painful Dosage A Light Dose Is 5 10 Mg A Medium Dose Is 10 15 Mg A Strong Dose Is 15 30 Mg Always Start With A Low Dose 2c E Is A Very Strong Psychedelic Drug Risks Bad Trip Psychosis Dizziness Nausea Instagram Https Www Instagram Com Drugslabbnn Our Hosts Rens Polman Https Www Instagram Com Renspolman Nellie Benner Https Www Instagram Com Nelliebenner Bastiaan Rosman Https Www Instagram Com Bashiaanrosman Curious About A Drug Let Us Know Which Drug By Commenting In The Comment Section Below Or By Using The Hashtag Drugslabbnn About Drugslab Drugslab Is An Educational Youtube Channel About Drugs Funded By The Dutch Government On This Youtube Channel We Rens Polman Nellie Benner And Bastiaan Rosman Will Take In The Drugs You Want Us To Try We Do This In The Name Of Science So We Can Show You What The Effect Of Drugs Are On The Human Body You Can Suggest Any Type Of Drug By Commenting In The Comment Section Below The Videos Or By Using The Hashtag Drugslab Besides Our Weekly Experiment We Provide You Of Safe Methods Of Use Safe Doses The Effects The Risks And Very Useful Do S And Don Ts When High On Drugs Given By Experienced Epicureans Light It Up People In The Name Of Science Peace About Bnn Bnn Is A Dutch Public Broadcasting Association The Broadcasting Association Was Founded In 1997 By Bart De Graaff The Focus Of The Broadcasting Association Lies On Reaching Teenagers And Young Adults Bnn Produces Entertainment And Informative Television Programs Radio Programs And Feature Films Some Of Bnn S Programming Has Dealt Controversial Issues Such As The Shortage Of Organ Donors Drugs And Sex About Spuiten En Slikken Drugslab Is Part Of Spuiten En Slikken Spuiten En Slikken Translated As Shoot And Swallow Is A Dutch Program On Public Television It Is A Program About Sexuality And Drugs That Started In 2005 It Has Been Broadcasted Since On Bnn The Aim Of The Program Is To Educate Youngsters In The Show Discussions About Sex And Drugs Take Place With Weekly Guests The Program Also Features Small Reports About Certain Types Of Drugs And The Effects Of Them As Well As Different Aspects Of Sex Warning The Following Show Serves An Educational Purpose In Relation To The Use Of Drugs And The Effects Of Using Drugs It Is Explicitly Not The Intention To Encourage People To Use Drugs The Acts Seen In This Show Are Performed Either By Professionals Or Under The Supervision Of Professionals Accordingly Bnn Vara And The Producers Must Insist That No One Attempt To Recreate Or Re Enact Any Activity Performed On This Show And Bnn Vara Will Not Be Liable For Any Material And Or Immaterial Damage If People Do So Bastiaan Trips After He Took 2c E Drugslab music mp3 and video mp4
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