Former Artist Organizes First Performance In Space

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Title : Former Artist Organizes First Performance In Space
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Description : The Founder Of Cirque Du Soleil Guy Laliberte Will Be The Worlds Seventh Space Tourist Laliberte Plans To Hold The First Ever Artistic And Social Event To Originate From Space He Wants To Perform A Poem On The Earth S Water Scarcity From The International Space Station During His 12 To 13 Day Mission Guy Laliberte Space Tourist What Will Happen On October 9 Is I Am Bringing A Poetic Text That Will Be Delivered To Planet Earth In A Form Of Being Read By Famous People And Also In 14 Cities Around The World There Will Be An Artistic Company Of Artists That Will Perform Inspired By That Text Under The Theme Moving Stars And Earth For Water The Poetic Social Mission Will Take Place On October 9 2009 In 14 Cities Simultaneously Around The World For 120 Minutes The Earth Will Gaze Up At The Stars And Resonate To The Rhythms Of Artists And World Renowned Figures Who Will Demonstrate Their Commitment To Water And Pay Tribute To This Vitally Important Natural Resource Laliberte Will Be Accompanied By Astronaut Maxim Surayev And Flight Commander Jeffrey Williams They Are Undergoing Final Preparations Before Taking Off On September 30 From The Russian Launch Site On The Kazakh Steppe Jeffrey Williams U S Astronaut And Flight Commander We Ve Been Working With Guy We Ve Worked Together Now For A Few Weeks And He Has Proven Himself Very Capable To Execute This Mission And He Has Been A Great Pleasure To Work With And I Look Forward To Going To Space With Both Of Them And I Ve Told Them Several Times Looking Forward To Watching Their Reactions As They Experience Each Step Of The Way Laliberte Has Dreamed Of Travelling In Space Ever Since He Visited A Soviet Exhibition On Space In Canada In 1967 This Time His Dream Has Come True Former Artist Organizes First Performance In Space music mp3 and video mp4
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