Kensuke Ushio Lit Koe No Katachi

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Title : Kensuke Ushio Lit Koe No Katachi
Uploader : Epic Anime Ost
Description : Best Soundtrack From Koe No Katachi Is This One Hands Down Liked It Upon Hearing It For The First Time And I Still Listen To It From Time To Time Piano Tune Is So Darn Good Love It I Think For Everybody I Can Say This 0 43 Is What All Of You Are Looking For Haha This Anime Was Quite Good And The Ending Was Damn Touchy Really Amazing End And A Major Part Of That End Was This Track I Think Really Set Up That Emotion Perfectly Alright As For The Video I Apologize Things Didn T Really Come Out As I Planned They Would And I Just Created This Video Today As I Came Home Late Last 2 Days Those Confetti Type Might Have Turned Out Better If I Spent Some Time Providing Good Colour Scheme For Them Each Of Them Looks Pretty Same In Colour Even Though I Set It To Generate Random Color Which I Dont Know Why Did Not Reflect In The Video Which Is Kinda Dull And Also Did Not Get Time To Adjust The Audio Bar But Well I Think Its Overall Pretty Fine Our Rating Of This Track 9 10 All Rights Remain With Kensuke Ushio And Other Respective Owners Kensuke Ushio Lit Koe No Katachi music mp3 and video mp4
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