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How To Determine A Rabbit S Sex Pet Rabbits

Fast Download How To Determine A Rabbit S Sex Pet Rabbits video

Title : How To Determine A Rabbit S Sex Pet Rabbits
Uploader : Howcast
Description : Pet Rabbit Essentials Timothy Hay Http Amzn To 1cjzzef Comb To Control Shedding Http Amzn To 1kbkfog Clear Plastic Tubing To Protect The Rabbit And The Cords Http Amzn To 1bkncak Book On Rabbit Care Http Amzn To 1hdbo9s Bunny Harness Http Amzn To 1k6yoyq Rabbit Food Http Amzn To 1fgqiwg Check Out Cool Pet Rabbit Toys Beachcomber Hat Http Amzn To 1kbivvl Mini Plastic Slinky Http Amzn To 1cjzzef Toy Plastic Keys Http Amzn To 1exhltv Bunny Maze Haven Http Amzn To 1f7pjpy Sunmaid Raisins Http Amzn To 1e2wry1 Papaya Tablets Http Amzn To 1f9vp8g Deluxe Rabbit Home Http Amzn To 1f9vp8g Woven Grass Mat For Rabbits Http Amzn To 1a0rhhq Bunny Chew Toy Http Amzn To 1k6ysro Roomba To Keep Your Home Clean Http Amzn To 1fgoa0l Watch More How To Take Care Of A Pet Rabbit Videos Http Bit Ly 1ehpnsk Correctly Sexing A Rabbit Is A Really Important Task Because You Ve Heard The Phrase They Breed Like Rabbits Rabbits Can Have A Litter Approximately Every 30 Days Now That Results In A Huge Number That I Cannot Calculate Nor Can I Remember Without A Note To Myself So I Made Here A Rabbit Multiplication Table This Was Actually Done By One Of Our Chapter Managers In Florida Donna Krimples Did A Calculation One Time Of What Would Happen If You Didn T Correctly Sex Your Rabbits And You Put A Male And Female Together And You Let A Few Years Go By She Calculated Only With Female Rabbits At The End Of Year Two You Would Have A Total Of 1 369 Rabbits At The End Of Year Three You Will Have 50 653 Rabbits At The End Of Year Four You Will Have 1 872 792 Rabbits I Could Go On And On She Calculated Up Many Years Past This But That Will Give You A Good Enough Idea Of What Happens If You Don T Sex Your Rabbits Correctly This Is An Important Topic Because When Rabbits Are Very Young It S Very Hard To Tell One Sex Organ From Another They Re Very Tiny And The Openings Which Are Characteristically Different Shapes Are Not As Well Defined When The Rabbits Are Babies So In A Male Rabbit As In Other Species The Penis Can Look Like A Tube With A Hole On The End Of It In The Female Rabbit It S A Tube With A Little Slit On The End Of It The Difference Between A Hole And A Slit In A Very Young Rabbit Is Almost Indiscernible When You Get Rabbits From The Pet Store And They Re Young You Want To Keep Them Separate Until You Are Absolutely Positive Of Their Sex You Can Find Out Their Sex Easily Enough By Consulting A Rabbit Saavy Vet Sometimes You Ll Encounter Other Experts At Rescue Organizations Where Ever Who Can Tell You The Sex Of A Baby Rabbit With A Lot More Accuracy Than You Ll Be Able To Determine It Yourself Meanwhile We Have Here Loretta And Finuccio And We Re Going To Talk About How To Sex A Rabbit That S An Adult Already Needless To Say An Adult Male Rabbit Will Have Testicles And They Re Not Subtle They Re About The Size Of Cashew Nuts Actually No Pun Intended But They Re The Size Of Cashew Nuts On Either Side Of The Genital Opening And They Re Easy To See If They Happen To Be Outside The Body Rabbits Are Able To Pull Their Testicles Back Up Into Their Abdominal Cavity They Can Run Very Fast Through Spikey Under Brush Without Getting Injured Because They Can Pull Their Testicles Up Inside Their Body Cavity And They Do That When They Re Scared Too So If You Re Working With A Male Rabbit Who S Frightened You May Not See Testicles Outside It S A Really Important Skill To Learn How To See The Regular Sex Organ The Penis And The Vagina On The Rabbit Whether You See Testicles On The Male Or Not Let S Take A Look Now We Have A Little Male Here These Rabbits Are Both Spayed And Neutered So We Are Not Going To See Testicles Here But We Are Going To See The Normal Ordinary Sex Organs Here S The Male And I Push On Either Side Of The Genital Region Until I Get Something Popping Out And In This Case It S A Boy You See It S Clearly A Tube With A Little Hole In The End Of It It S Tiny And You Can See That If It S This Tiny In An Adult Rabbit You Can Imagine In A Younger Rabbit How Tiny It Is I M Sorry To Invade Your Personal Space I M So Sorry May I Look At Yours Now What A Good Rabbit What A Good Bunny You Are What A Good Bunny So We Re Now Going To Look At A Female Loretta I M Going To Pick Her Up I M Sorry To Be So Personal But We Need Your Help We Need Your Help I M Going To Sit Her Up I M Going To Push On Either Side Of The Genital Opening To Make The Organ Pop Out And There It Is You Will See That This Is A Pink Tube With A Little Slit On The End Of It Instead Of A Hole That S A Typical Mature Female Sex Organ So Here We Have A Happily Married Couple Who Have Committed To Never Having Babies Not A Bad Com How To Determine A Rabbit S Sex Pet Rabbits music mp3 and video mp4
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