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Title : What Is Hadoop
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Description : What Is Hadoop 2018 Hadoop Is An Open Source Framework Developed By Doug Cutting In 2006 And It Is Managed By The Apache Software Foundation The Project Was Named As Hadoop After The Name Of A Yellow Stuffed Toy Elephant Which The Doug Cutting S Son Had Hadoop Is Designed To Store And Process A Huge Volume Of Data Efficiently The Hadoop Framework Comprises Of 2 Main Components The 1st Component Is The Hdfs Hdfs Stands For Hadoop Distributed File System And The 2nd Component Is The Mapreduce The Hdfs Takes Care Of Storing And Managing The Data Within The Hadoop Cluster Whereas The Mapreduce Takes Care Of Processing And Computing The Data That Is Present Within The Hdfs Now Let Us Try To Understand What Actually Makes Up A Hadoop Cluster A Hadoop Cluster Is Made Up Of 2 Main Nodes The 1st One Is The Master Node And The 2nd One Is The Slave Node The Master Node Is Responsible For Running The Namenode And Jobtracker Daemons For Your Information Node Is A Technical Term Used To Describe A Machine Or A Computer That Is Present Within A Cluster And Daemon Is A Technical Term Used To Describe A Background Process Running On A Linux Machine The Slave Node On The Other Hand Is Responsible For Running The Datanode And Tasktracker Daemons The Namenode And Datanode Are Responsible For Storing And Managing The Data And They Are Commonly Referred As Storage Node Whereas The Jobtracker And Tasktracker Are Responsible For Processing And Computing The Data And They Are Commonly Referred To As Compute Node Usually The Namenode And Jobtracker Are Configured And Running On A Single Machine Whereas The Datanode And Tasktracker Are Configured On Multiple Machines But Can Have Instances Running On More Than One Machine At The Same Time Apart From All This We Also Have A Secondary Namenode As Part Of The Hadoop Cluster Which We Would Be Discussing About This In The Later Sessions Please Don T Forget To Subscribe To Our Channel Https Www Youtube Com User Itskillsindemand Enroll Into This Course At A Deep Discounted Price Https Goo Gl Hsbec8 If Liked This Video Please Like And Share It Visit Http Www Itskillsindemand Com To Access The Complete Course Follow Us On Facebook Https Www Facebook Com Itskillsindemand Twitter Https Twitter Com Itskillsdemand Google Https Plus Google Com Itskillsindemand Com Youtube Http Www Youtube Com User Itskillsindemand What Is Hadoop music mp3 and video mp4
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