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Title : We Are One Piece Op1 Piano
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Description : Well Then This Is It We Are Is My Final Upload Before I Start My Animenz Live 2016 Tour In 3 Weeks Again I Will Perform In 9 Different Cities In China And I Will Be Abroad For 2 Months Until I Can Finally Return To Germany In September Again Unfortunately I Also Have To Announce That This Is The Last Piece Of My Top 6 Shounen Series And The Remaining Two Will Be Postponed Indefinitely Because After My Animenz Live 2016 Tour I Will Go On Hiatus For One Year A Lot Of Things Have Happened In The Last Few Weeks And I Had To Make A Choice That S Either My Youtube Activities Or My Music Degree You Can Read The Whole Story On These Two Facebook Posts Https Www Facebook Com Animenz Posts 954408537961382 0 Https Www Facebook Com Animenz Posts 957710987631137 0 Tl Dr I Have To Concentrate On My Studies And I Will Suspend All Activities As Animenz On My Twitter Facebook And Email Account And I Won T Be Available For A Year My Youtube Activity Will Be Reduced To A Minimum And I Will Only Upload Anime Covers Whenever I Feel Like Doing It On A Irregular Basis But Of Course I Wouldn T Go On Hiatus Without A Bang Right So Here Is My Final Work We Are The First Opening Song Of One Piece This Is One Of The Jazziest Pieces I Have Arranged Yet So Far With A Pretty Crazy Intrumental Solo Part In The Middle And An Even More Unconventional Finishing Move It Took Me Some Time To Identify All Those Exotic Chord Progressions Of The Original Song Since I Am Still Not Used To Jazz Harmonics But I Think That I Am Slowly Progressing I Hope That I Can Incorporate More Jazz Elements In My Future Arrangements Because Damn Jazz Chords Are So Sexy Ahem I Also Decided To Use An Alternate Camera Angle As An Experiment The Overview Of The Keyes Are Gone But As A Compensation You Can Observe My Hand Positioning Much Better Plus You Can See My Left Hand In The Reflection As Well But Seriously It S Time For Me To Buy A New Camera Until Next Time All In All I Am Pretty Satisfied How This Piece Have Turned Out And Once Again It S Another Candidate For My Top 10 Most Difficult Arrangements I Have Ever Made Therefore Here Is The Definite Top 10 List Of The Most Difficult Animenz Arrangements Until Now 1 Unravel Tokyo Ghoul Op 2 My Dearest Guilty Crown Op1 3 Sayonara Memories Supercell Yanagi Nagi 4 Kuusou Mesorogiwi Mirai Nikki Op1 5 Snow Halation Love Live Ost 6 Extra Magic Hour Amagi Brilliant Park Op 7 Guren No Yumiya Shingeki No Kyojin Op1 8 Again Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Op1 9 We Are One Piece Op1 10 This Game No Game No Life Op Well Then I Think This Would Wrap Up Everything Thank You For All Your Support Over These Years Thank You For Unbelievable 700k Subscribers And Most Important Of All Thank You For Your Interest In Anime Piano I Am Pretty Happy To See How The Anime Pianist Community Has Developed Over The Past 4 Years And How More And More People Are Starting Their Own Anime Piano Covers Channels It S Really Fascinating To See The Different Styles Of Each Arranger And The Many Ways To Arrange The Same Song On The Piano Sighs I Will Definitely Miss You Guys But I Think I Can Go On My 1 Year Hiatus With A Satisfied Feeling Because I Know That The Anime Piano Music On Youtube Will Be In Good Hands Ishter Please Lead The Way While I Am In Hiatus Haha Well Then I Hope We Can Meet Each Other Again On Youtube And May Your Love For The Piano Never Die ω Animenz Download The Sheet And The Midi File Here Http Sheet Host Sheet Gyzqds My Facebook Page Http Www Facebook Com Animenz Follow Me On Twitter Https Twitter Com Animenzzz Piano Arrangement By Animenz Original Song We Are Anime One Piece Published By Nippon Columbia Composed By Kohei Tanaka Performed By Hiroshi Kitadani We Are One Piece Op1 Piano music mp3 and video mp4
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