Koe No Katachi Ost Lit Extended Piano Cover 聲の形 Lit ピアノ

Fast Download Koe No Katachi Ost Lit Extended Piano Cover 聲の形 Lit ピアノ video

Title : Koe No Katachi Ost Lit Extended Piano Cover 聲の形 Lit ピアノ
Uploader : Raykrislianggi Animusic
Description : Learn This Arrangement Easily With Flowkey Https Tinyurl Com Animusic Flowkey You Can Now Support Me On Patreon Https Www Patreon Com Raykrislianggi Download The Sheet Of This Arrangement For Free Temporary Link Http Www Mediafire Com Folder 96g9hthdbdvyv Lit Https Www Mymusicsheet Com Raykrislianggi 533 Purchase The Midi Sheet As A Bundle Here Https Www Mymusicsheet Com Raykrislianggi 575 Find All Of My Sheets Here Https Www Mymusicsheet Com Raykrislianggi Try Not To Cry Challenge 2 Koe No Katachi Ost Original Sound Track 10 Lit A Silent Voice Ost Original Sound Track 10 Lit The Shape Of Voice Ost Original Sound Track 10 Lit 聲の形 Lit を弾いてみた ピアノ Composed By Kensuke Ushio The Sheet Has A More Refined Version Of The Arrangement Played In This Video It More Closely Resembles The Original Song And Even The Longer Powerful Version You Guys Are Gonna Be Playing The Better Arrangement Than The One On My Video Itself I M Jealous P Difficulty Level Expert Advanced Upper Intermediate Intermediate Upper Beginner Beginner I Want To Share A Bit Of My Story To You My Heart Aches After Watching This Film Not Because The Ending Is A Cliffhanger Or Ambiguous But Simply Because It S Over In Such An Inspiring Way Accompanied With The Most Beautiful Soundtrack I Ve Heard To Date I Can T Accurately Describe What I M Feeling But My Chest Hurts Even As I M Writing This The Void It Left Me Is So Huge That It Makes Me Wake Up Every Few Hours Only To Remember The Film Again That Might Sound Hyperbolic But It S True Thinking About How A Boy Who Bullies A Deaf Girl In Grade School Can Have Such A Heartwarming Relationship In The End How Shouya Accepts Shouko Despite Being Deaf And How Shouko Accepts Shouya Who Once Bullied Her So Badly That She Needed To Transfer Schools This Film Isn T Revolved Around Romance But The Romance It Implies Is The Purest I Ve Seen From Any Anime Film And Shouko Is Such A Sweet And Lovable Person All The Things That Happen Makes Me Want To Hug Her So Badly This Is The First Time That Any Film Is Able To Make Me Feel That Way To The Extreme Koe No Katachi Is In My Opinion The Best Anime Film I Ve Watched Yes It Surpasses Kimi No Na Wa Suzumiya Haruhi No Shoushitsu And Any Other Non Anime Films In My Book It Doesn T Need Mindblowing Plot Time Travel Sci Fi To Appeal It Is Just Human Interaction At The Most Fundamental Level The Film Succeeds In Bringing Out The Most Human Part Of You And It Makes Us Question What Makes Us Human You Just Need To Watch It With Your Heart The Soundtracks Are A Series Of Well Thought Out Music Composed To Fit Perfectly Into The Film The Most Notable Is The Muted Sounds Of The Piano Across The Album Implying That Shouko Is Deaf And Shouya Basically Shuts Himself From Friendship This Song In Particular Is The First In Such A Long Time To Pierce Straight Through My Heart The Film Started Airing On May 3rd 2017 In Indonesian Cinemas If The Film Is Airing Near You And You Haven T Watched It Do Yourself A Favor And Watch It Because You Re Missing Out On A Masterpiece In Which Story And Contents You Can T Find Anywhere Else May 10th 2017 Marks My Second Time Watching Koe No Katachi In The Cinema Give Me Some Time To Focus And Listen To The Soundtracks And 40 Minutes Of Practice And This Is What I End Up With The Song Is Part Of A Shape Of Light Album By Kensuke Ushio For The Soundtracks Of Koe No Katachi A Silent Voice This Song Titled Lit Is At Number 10 And Its Original Length Is 51 Seconds This Extended Cover Takes Cues From Lit Var Soundtrack 39 Which Is The Same Song Extended And With Added Orchestra In The Middle And Muted Piano At The Very End The Video Only Has One Angle In Fact This Is The First Time I Ve Done A Video With Only A Single Angle In Almost Three Years I Put The Video Overlay Taken From The Film S Trailers At 85 Opacity So It S Much More Opaque Than The Overlays Of My Previous Videos If You Re Interested In The Dango Plushies You Can Contact Perkee Through Their Facebook Page Follow The Link Here Http Www Facebook Com Perkeepersoitems My Next Generation Piano Cover Playlists Here Http Www Youtube Com Playlist List Plvpauggpbds4vq4te4o5hwb50q3tvv5se Much Love From Indonesia Thanks For Watching Koe No Katachi Ost Lit Extended Piano Cover 聲の形 Lit ピアノ music mp3 and video mp4
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