What If You Stopped Eating Sugar For 1 Week

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Title : What If You Stopped Eating Sugar For 1 Week
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Description : Eating Too Much Sugar Can Seriously Affect Your Health What Will Happen To Your Heart Brain And Skin If You Quit Sugar At Least For A Week Eating Too Much Sugar Leads To Weight Gain Sharp Mood Swings And Even Addiction Some Nutritionists Consider Sugar To Be Even More Dangerous Than Fat But We Still Don T Pay Enough Attention To The Amount Of Sugar We Consume Every Day What Will Happen To You If You Quit Sugar At Least For A Week Well The Changes Are Going To Be Incredible We Re Going To Tell You How You Ll Feel If You Stop Eating Donuts And If It S Even Worth The Effort Timestamps You Ll Overcome A Serious Addiction 0 55 Your Breath Will Be Better 1 33 You Ll Increase Your Brain Power 2 13 You Ll Be Less Likely To Have Alzheimer S Disease 2 44 Your Skin Will Look Younger 3 11 Your Heart Will Thank You 3 36 You Ll Have Less Bad Cholesterol 4 09 You Ll Have A Much Better Mood 4 29 You Ll Finally Get A Good Sleep 5 04 You Ll Be Less Likely To Have Diabetes 5 35 You Ll Lower The Risk Of Having Cancer 6 03 Your Eyesight Will Be Sharper 6 23 You Ll Lose Weight Fast 6 50 You Ll See Your Doctor Less Often 7 22 You Ll Save A Crazy Amount Of Money 7 57 Quitsugar Sugarproblems Summary Studies Show And That Might Sound Shocking That Sugar Is Actually More Addictive Than Cocaine Lab Rats Were Given Cocaine Until They Became Addicted To It Sugar Is Often Linked To The Development Of Numerous Lung Conditions So Lowering Sugar Intake Results In Weakening Asthma Symptoms Studies Have Shown That Sugar Hinders Such Activities As Learning And Memorizing Things A Study In The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition Suggests That Giving Up Sugar May Result In Your Acne Disappearing Sugar Is Inflammatory And Inflammation Is Known As A Cause Of Acne People Who Eat Too Much Sugar Have A Much Higher Risk Of Having A Heart Attack High Sugar Intake Raises Levels Of Bad Cholesterol And Blood Fats That Can Clog Your Blood Vessels Leading To Severe Heart Conditions That Can Be A Huge Threat To Your Life Studies Found That People Who Eat Very Little Sugar Or None At All Are Rarely Diagnosed With Depression You Will Be Very Active Throughout The Day And Ready To Sleep When The Bedtime Comes Your Day Night Cycle Will Be More Naturally Balanced When You Eat Too Much Glucose High Insulin Resistance Develops It Means That Sugar Can T Get Into Your Cells And Can Get Stuck In The Bloodstream Pancreatic Cancer Is Often Linked To High Sugar Intake However The Results Of The Studies Haven T Been Entirely Consistent It S Better Not To Take The Risk On This One Sugar Also Affects The Health Of Your Eyes Fluctuations Of Insulin And Glucose Levels Lead To Vessel Damage And Decrease Blood Supply To Your Eyes When You Eat A Lot Of Sugar Especially Fructose You Are Very Likely To Overeat The Pancreas Is Forced To Produce More Insulin So Other Hormones That Regulate Metabolism Digestion And Weight Are Neglected Your Immune System Is Seriously Affected By Consumption Of Large Amounts Of Sugar You Are Protected From Bacteria And Viruses By White Blood Cells Stop Eating Sugar And Spending Money On Doctors Dentists Those Expensive Acne Concealers And Sweet Food And Drinks That Only Harm You Have You Ever Tried To Stop Eating Sugar Tell Us About Your Experience In The Comments Below Subscribe To Bright Side Https Goo Gl Rqtjzz Our Social Media Facebook Https Www Facebook Com Brightside Instagram Https Www Instagram Com Brightgram 5 Minute Crafts Youtube Https Www Goo Gl 8jvmuc For More Videos And Articles Visit Http Www Brightside Me What If You Stopped Eating Sugar For 1 Week music mp3 and video mp4
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