Tchaikovsky Swan Lake The Kirov Ballet Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

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Title : Tchaikovsky Swan Lake The Kirov Ballet Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
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Description : Tchaikovsky S Swan Lake Ballet Sankt Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre Kirov Ballet The Story Of Swan Lake Swan Lake Is A Timeless Love Story That Mixes Magic Tragedy And Romance Into Four Acts It Features Prince Siegfried And A Lovely Swan Princess Named Odette Under The Spell Of A Sorcerer Odette Spends Her Days As A Swan Swimming On A Lake Of Tears And Her Nights In Her Beautiful Human Form The Couple Quickly Falls In Love As In Most Fairy Tales Things Are Not That Easy And The Sorcerer Has More Tricks To Play That Brings Odile His Daughter Into The Picture Confusion Forgiveness And A Happy Ending With Siegfried And Odette Together Forever Round Off The Ballet Reading The Synopsis Of The Four Acts Will Fill You In On The Rest Of The Story Yet It Is Interesting To Note That In Many Performances A Single Prima Ballerina Plays Both Odette And Odile It Is A Role That Ballerinas Strive For From A Very Young Age Act I Prince Siegfried Arrives At His 21st Birthday Celebration On The Palace Courtyards Here He Finds All Of The Royal Families And Townspeople Dancing And Celebrating While The Young Girls Are Anxiously Seeking His Attention During The Exquisite Celebration His Mother Gives Him A Crossbow She Informs Him That Because He Is Now Of Age His Marriage Will Be Quickly Arranged Hit With The Sudden Realization Of His Future Responsibilities He Takes His Crossbow And Runs To The Woods With His Hunting Buddies Act 2 Getting Ahead Of The Group Prince Siegfried Finds Himself Alone In A Peaceful Spot By An Enchanted Lake Where Swans Gently Float Across Its Surface While Siegfried Watches He Spots The Most Beautiful Swan With A Crown On Its Head His Buddies Soon Catch Up But He Orders Them To Leave So He Can Be By Himself As Dusk Falls The Swan With The Crown Turns Into The Most Beautiful Young Woman He Has Ever Seen Her Name Is Odette The Swan Queen Odette Informs The Young Prince About An Evil Sorcerer Von Rothbart Who Happens To Be Disguised As Prince Siegfried S Mentor It Was Rothbart Who Turned Her And The Other Girls Into Swans The Lake Was Formed By The Tears Of Their Parents Weeping She Tells Him That The Only Way The Spell Can Be Broken Is If A Man Pure In Heart Pledges His Love To Her The Prince About To Confess His Love For Her Is Quickly Interrupted By The Evil Sorcerer He Takes Odette From Prince Siegfried S Embrace And Commands All Of The Swan Maidens To Dance Upon The Lake And Its Shore So That The Prince Cannot Chase Them Prince Siegfried Is Left All Alone On The Shore Of Swan Lake Act 3 The Next Day At The Formal Celebration In The Royal Hall Prince Siegfried Is Presented With Many Prospective Princesses Although The Ladies Are Worthy Of His Attention He Cannot Stop Thinking About Odette His Mother Commands Him To Choose A Bride But He Cannot For The Time Being He Satisfies His Mother S Request By Dancing With Them While The Prince Dances Trumpets Announce The Arrival Of Von Rothbart He Brings His Daughter Odile On Whom He Has Cast A Spell To Appear As Odette The Prince Is Captivated By Her Beauty And He Dances With The Imposter Unbeknownst To Prince Siegfried The True Odette Is Watching Him From A Window The Prince Soon Confesses His Love To Odile And Proposes Marriage Thinking That She Is Odette Horrified Odette Flees Into The Night Prince Siegfried Sees The Real Odette Running From The Window And Realizes His Mistake Upon His Discovery Von Rothbart Reveals To The Prince The True Appearance Of His Daughter Odile Prince Siegfried Quickly Leaves The Party And Chases After Odette Act 4 Odette Has Fled To The Lake And Joined The Rest Of The Girls In Sadness Prince Siegfried Finds Them Gathered At The Shore Consoling Each Other He Explains To Odette The Trickery Of Von Rothbart And She Grants Him Her Forgiveness It Doesn T Take Long For Von Rothbart And Odile To Appear In Their Evil Un Human And Somewhat Bird Like Forms Von Rothbart Tells The Prince That He Must Stick To His Word And Marry His Daughter A Fight Quickly Ensues Prince Siegfried Tells Von Rothbart That He Would Rather Die With Odette Than Marry Odile He Then Takes Odette S Hand And Together They Jump Into The Lake The Spell Is Broken And The Remaining Swans Turn Back Into Humans They Quickly Drive Von Rothbart And Odile Into The Water Where They Too Drown The Girls Watch The Spirits Of Prince Siegfried And Odette Ascend Into The Heavens Above Swan Lake Tchaikovsky Swan Lake The Kirov Ballet Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra music mp3 and video mp4
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