Paladins Seris Gameplay Heal Spam Paladins Gameplay Seris Guide

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Title : Paladins Seris Gameplay Heal Spam Paladins Gameplay Seris Guide
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Description : If You Enjoyed This Paladins Seris Gameplay Video Subscribe To Stay Up To Date On Paladins Gameplay And News As Well As Other Content Such As Reviews Overwatch And Even More Paladins This Is A Gameplay Video On The Paladins Map Fish Market With The Paladins Champion Seris Play Paladins Now Http Www Paladins Com Play For Free Ref Bubblekings Bubbleking Back With Some More Paladins Gameplay This Paladins Gameplay Video Features The Champion Seris Today We Look At Some Seris Gameplay And Get Some First Impressions In The Paladins Gamemode Siege In This Paladins Video I Am Using Mostly A Seris Deck Made Up Of Cards Which You Can Get For Free When You Start To Play Paladins So You Should Be Able To Follow My Paladins Seris Build Or Use It As A Sort Of Seris Guide To Create A Seris Deck And Get Good Results Seris Has A Dark Secret Past Paladins Seris Ability Q Ability Rend Soul Cooldown 10s Seris Detonates All Of Her Active Soul Charges Deal 100 Damage To The Afflicted Enemy For Every Charge Detonated Every Charge Detonated Also Heals You For 15 Of Your Maximum Life Paladins Seris Ability Right Click Ability Restore Soul Cooldown 5s Seris Restores The Soul Of An Ally Healing Them For 1000 Health Every Second For 2 Seconds Paladins Seris Ability F Ability Dimensional Link Cooldown 24s Seris Steps Into Another Plane Of Reality For 5 Seconds While This Ability Is Active You Are In Stealth And Immune To All Harmful Effects Paladins Seris Ability E Ability Convergence Ultimate Seris Casts Your Soul Core Into The Battlefield After A Delay A Tear In Reality Will Manifest And Drag In Nearby Enemies Paladins Champions Of The Realm Is A Team Objective Based First Person Shooter With Fun Bright Fantasy Elements And A Cast Of Unique Characters Each Character Changes Your Playstyle And Strategy Dramatically And Paladins Unique Card System Adds A Fresh Twist To Fps Moba Gameplay Both While Deepening The Complexity Of Your Characters In Game Progression And Markedly Increasing The Games Replay Value No Match Is Ever The Same Play Paladins For Free Now Http Www Paladins Com Purchase The Founder S Pack To Get Immediate Access To The Beta If You Reach Level Four Of The Paladins Beta You Will Get Access To 3 Beta Keys That You Can Share With Your Friends A Great Value And Awesome If You Want To Do A Giveaway Of Your Own Paladins Is An Upcoming Videogame Title Developed By Hi Rez Studios Creators Of The Moba Smite The Game Is Rooted In A Colorful Sci Fi Fantasy Setting Featuring Champions Playable Characters That Have Their Own Unique Fire Function And Abilities Combat In Paladins Is Also Nearly Entirely Skillshot Based Meaning Projectiles Can Be Dodged Although Each Champion Has Its Own Personality And Core Abilities To Get Around Paladins Much Larger Wide Open Maps The Real Character Variation Comes From A Deckbuilding Cards System That Augments A Champion In Different Ways Paladins Seris Gameplay Heal Spam Paladins Gameplay Seris Guide music mp3 and video mp4
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