Paladins Seris Build Best Champion Loadout How To Tips And Tricks

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Title : Paladins Seris Build Best Champion Loadout How To Tips And Tricks
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Description : In This Episode Of Paladins Builds We Take A Look At A Loadout For The Support Champion Seris Seris Is Supposed To Be A Healer So You D Think The Trade Off Would Be A Low Damage Output But If Used In The Right Way She Plays More Like A Tank I Talk Through How To Use Seris To Take Advantage Of Her Life Stealing Abilities And Give You Tips And Tricks On How To Use Rend Soul In Particular To It S Best I Also Talk Through How To Use Restore Soul And Give You Tips On Where To Be Positioned To Best Help Out Your Team As A Healer Seris Is Currently Very High In The Meta For Paladins And It S Clear To See Why Because She Is So Powerful And After Some Practise You Ll See How To Use Her To Her Full Potential You Ll End Up Walking Away From A Game With The Win And An Impressively High Kd Too I Ll Talk Through How To Use Each Of Her Abilities And Give Tips And Tricks On Each Of Them Too Seris Is A Beast And For Me Is A Necessary Part Of The Team Composition If You Want To Win Subscribe To Stay Up To Date Https Tinyurl Com Mpu3cpa Twitter Https Twitter Com Dameoveryt Facebook Https Www Facebook Com Dame Over Yt Instagram Dameover Music Machinimasound Com September Sky Paladins Is A First Person Shooter Video Game Developed By Hi Rez Studios The Developers Of The Moba Smite The Game Is Rooted In A Colorful Sci Fi Fantasy Setting Featuring Champions Playable Characters That Have Their Own Unique Fire Function And Skills Combat In Paladins Is Also Nearly Entirely Skillshot Based Meaning Projectiles Can Be Dodged Although Each Champion Has Their Own Personality And Abilities To Get Around Paladins Maps The Real Character Variation Comes From The Cards And Item Systems That Augments A Champion In Different Ways Closed Beta Phase Began On November 17 2015 The Game Officially Went Into Open Beta On September 16 2016 The Pc Version Of Paladins Can Be Downloaded Through The Official Website And Also Through Steam The Founder S Pack Can Be Obtained On The Paladins Store An Xbox One And Playstation 4 Versions Of The Game Entered Their Closed Beta Phases On March 14 2017 Both Of The Console Versions Went Into Open Beta On May 3 2017 They Can Be Acquired For Free Through Their Respective Online Stores Microsoft Store Playsation Store Na Playstation Store Eu You Can Read An Article With Information About How Hi Rez Makes Their Games And What Can Be Expected During This Beta Period In This Thread From The Official Forums Ignore This How To Unboxing Tips And Tricks Review Loadout Build Cards Abilities Makoa Paladins Gameplay Dredge Anchor Shell Spin Shell Shield Ancient Rage Canon Front Line Champion Healer Support Flanker Damage Seris Rend Soul Life Steal Battlefield1 Bf1 Battlefield Paladins Seris Build Best Champion Loadout How To Tips And Tricks music mp3 and video mp4
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