Why Do You Have Sleep Paralyses Is It Dangerous

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Title : Why Do You Have Sleep Paralyses Is It Dangerous
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Description : How To Get Sound Sleep In Case You Open Your Eyes In The Middle Of The Night As You Seem To Be Awake But Can T Move Even A Finger And See Dark Shadows Looming Over You That S Sleep Paralysis A Phenomenon That Is Not As Rare As You Think In This Video You Ll Get To Know A Lot Of New And Most Likely Unexpected Facts That Will Shed Light On This Scary Condition Timestamps Why Does Sleep Paralysis Occur 1 03 What S So Scary About This Phenomenon 3 57 What Can Trigger Sleep Paralysis 7 12 Which Groups Of People Are At A Higher Risk Of Experiencing Sleep Paralysis 8 19 Are There Natural Ways To Keep Sleep Paralysis Away 9 15 Music Https Www Youtube Com Audiolibrary Music Summary People Who Experience Sleep Paralysis Wake Up When They Are Still Caught In The Rem Sleep Cycle This Is The Reason Why They Are Awake And Mostly Conscious But Unable To Move Or Speak Their Muscles Haven T Received That Important Signal From The Brain That Can Let Them Move Freely You Don T Have Any Control Over Your Body You Feel Like You Can T Breathe And You Can T Speak Hallucinations Can Be Spine Chilling Sleep Deprivation And Altered Patterns Of Sleep Trigger Sleep Paralysis Eating Heavy Fatty Or Sugary Meals Before Going To Bed Can Also Trigger Sleep Paralysis Sometimes This Condition Can Be Caused By Something As Simple As Sleeping On Your Back People With Such Psychological Conditions As Bipolar Disorder Can Have Problems With Sleep Paralysis Even Leg Cramps That Occur At Night Can Worsen The Situation Children And Adults From 10 To 25 Years Old And People With Mental Disorders Such As Ptsd Depression Or Anxiety Are At A Higher Risk Of Experiencing Sleep Paralysis To Keep Sleep Paralysis Away First Of All Get Enough Sleep Try Not To Have Big Meals In The Evening Try Chamomile Tea Meditation Has A Similar Calming Effect Don T Use Any Gadgets For At Least An Hour Before Going To Bed Subscribe To Bright Side Https Goo Gl Rqtjzz Our Social Media Facebook Https Www Facebook Com Brightside Instagram Https Www Instagram Com Brightgram 5 Minute Crafts Youtube Https Www Goo Gl 8jvmuc For More Videos And Articles Visit Http Www Brightside Me Why Do You Have Sleep Paralyses Is It Dangerous music mp3 and video mp4
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