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Title : Ghost In The Shell Inner Universe
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Description : 攻殻機動隊 Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig Music By Yoko Kanno 菅野 よう子 Vocals By Origa Lyrics By Origa Shanti Snyder Flashback Memory Plug Inner Universe Angely I Demony Kruzhili Nado Mnoj Razbivali Ternii I Zvyozdnye Puti Ne Znaet Schast Ya Tol Ko Tot Kto Ego Zova Ponyat Ne Smog I Am Calling Calling Now Spirits Rise And Falling Soboj Ostat Sya Dol She Calling Calling In The Depth Of Longing Soboj Ostat Sya Dol She Stand Alone Where Was Life When It Had A Meaning Stand Alone Nothing S Real Anymore And Beskonechnyj Beg Poka Zhiva Ya Mogu Starat Sya Na Letu Ne Upast Ne Razuchit Sya Mechtat Lyubit Beskonechnyj Beg Calling Calling For The Place Of Knowing There S More Than What Can Be Linked Calling Calling Never Will I Look Away For What Life Has Left For Me Yearning Yearning For What S Left Of Loving Soboj Ostat Sya Dol She Calling Calling Now Spirits Rise And Falling Soboj Ostat Sya Dol She Calling Calling Now In The Depth Of Longing Soboj Ostat Sya Dol She The Laughing Man Individual Eleven The Series Takes Place In The Year 2030 And 2032 Where Many People Have Become Cyborgs With Prosthetic Bodies Primarily Set In The Fictional Japanese City Of Niihama Niihama Prefecture 新浜県新浜市 Niihama Ken Niihama Shi New Port City The Series Follows The Members Of Public Security Section 9 A Special Operations Task Force Made Up Of Former Military Officers And Police Detectives While The Group Investigates Various Crimes Both Seasons Feature Ongoing Investigations Into Two Incidents That Embroil The Group In Corruption Within Other Branches Of The Japanese Government In 2024 The Terrorist Incident Known As The Laughing Man Incident Occurred In Which Ernest Serano President Of The Groundbreaking Micromachine Company Sereno Genomics Was Kidnapped And Ransomed One Day The Case Having Remained Unsolved For Six Years Detective Yamaguchi Who Has Been Investigating The Laughing Man Incident Sends Word That He Wants To Meet With Togusa From Public Safety Section 9 However Soon After Sending This Message Yamaguchi Crucial To The Success Of The Case Dies In An Accident Many Days Pass And In The Midst Of A Police Interview Relay Concerning Suspicions Behind Interceptors A Forewarning Is Received From The Laughing Man Of His Next Crime The Incorporeal Hacker Begins To Move Once Again Two Years Have Passed Since The Laughing Man Incident Was Solved About 3 Million Refugees Are Living In Japan Invited To Fill The Labor Shortage However The Emergent Presence Of The Invited Refugees Intensified Their Confrontation With The Individualists Who Called For National Isolation Which Then Led To The Increased Incidences Of Terrorist Attacks Under These Circumstances A Terrorist Group Called The Individual Eleven Carries Out A Suicide Attack But There Was A Greater Scheme Behind Their Action When Section 9 Learns This They Attempt To Nail Down The Mastermind Of The Incident Meanwhile Kuze A Surviving Member Of The Individual Eleven Becomes A Charismatic Leader Of The Invited Refugees And Intensifies The Confrontation Against The Government And Motoko Starts Feeling A Strange Sense Of Fate Connecting Her With Kuze Ghost In The Shell Inner Universe music mp3 and video mp4
Tags :Ghost In The Shell, 攻殻機動隊, Kōkaku Kidōtai, Stand Alone Complex, Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, 2nd GIG, Motoko Kusanagi, 草薙 素子, Yoko Kanno, 菅野 よう子, Origa, Inner Universe, Laughing Man, Individual Eleven, Masamune Shirow, 士郎 正宗, Kenji Kamiyama, 神山健治, Atsuko Tanaka, Kazunori Itō, Section 9, Major, Tachikomas, Togusa, Ishikawa, Batou, Saito, Pazu, Cyberpunk, New Port City, 2030, 2032, 2002, 2004, Anime,
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