How To Help Someone With Dysphoria

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Title : How To Help Someone With Dysphoria
Uploader : Connor O Keefe
Description : I Ll Repeat My First Two Important Points In The Video 1 I Do Not Speak For All Trans People I M Not Saying That All Or Any Trans People Agree With Me Nor Am I Saying That All Trans People Are The Same These Are Just A List Of Things That Help Me That Are Meant To Act As Basic Guidelines For Others I Only Speak From My Own Experiences 2 Don T Assume That Your Help Will Suddenly Cure Someone S Dysphoria If Your Words Or Efforts Don T Make Them Feel Any Better And You Get Angry About That That S Only Going To Make Things Worse So With All Those Points Out Of The Way I Really Hope You Enjoy The Video With All Of The Videos I Make On Trans Topics I Have Two Ultimate Goals The First One Is To Help Out Other Trans Guys Whether That S By Giving Advice To Those Who Are At An Earlier Stage Of Their Transition Or By Just Being Another Voice I Know For Me Being Able To Listen To Other Trans Guys Online Made Me Feel A Lot Less Alone My Second Goal Is To Incorporate Cisgender Folks Into This Trans Conversation This Video Focuses A Little More On That Second Goal Lemme Know If You Have Any Questions Or Anything You Wanna Know More About I Read All Of The Comments I Get On My Videos How To Help Someone With Dysphoria music mp3 and video mp4
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