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Title : Greeeen キセキ English Cover
Uploader : 渡辺レベッカ Rebecca Butler Watanabe
Description : 今日はgreeeenの キセキ を英語で歌ってみました 訳詞を作ってみて あまり英語にあっていない曲だなと思いつつも 挑戦してみました いかがでしょうか 奇跡 と 軌跡 は英語にするとそれぞれmiracleとlocusまたはtrajectoryになりますので 二つともタイトルの キセキ だということが英語では伝わらないのが残念です English Cover Of Kiseki By The Japanese Band Greeeen Since This Is One Of Greeeen S Most Popular Songs I Wanted To Challenge Myself With An English Cover But After Doing So I Realized It Doesn T Really Lend Itself Well To English The Word Kiseki Conveys Two Different Meanings In This Song Locus Trajectory And Miracle Which I Couldn T Exactly Show The Connection Between In The English Version 曲情報 Song Info Greeeen Kiseki Album Ah Domo O Hisashiburi Desu Oh Hi It S Been A While 2008 あっ ども おひさしぶりです Music Lyrics Greeeen English Lyrics Rebecca Butler Watanabe Official Mv Https Youtu Be Dwtinto0o9i リンク Links Hp Http Blueeyedutautai Jimdo Com Facebook Http Facebook Com Blueeyedutautai Twitter Blueeyedutautai 歌詞 Lyrics I Will Love You Tomorrow Even More Than I Do Now No I Can T Stop The Flow Of These Feelings Flooding Out And Although Even Now You Make Me Feel So Deep A Love No Words Will Ever Be Enough With Every Memory Each Moment That You Ve Given To Me Passing Days Have Become A Locus That We Walked Side By Side If Finding One Another Was A Single Moment Of Chance Or Destiny S Hand Then Darling The Day That I Met You Was Surely A Miracle I Want To Walk Beside You Forever Create An Everlasting Love Together Hand In Hand With You Until The End Of Time Always Smiling At Your Side A Simple Word Of Thanks To You Or Even Saying I Love You Will Never Be Enough But I Can Tell You This Much I Am Happy Here With You When The Palm Of My Right Hand Would Wrap Gently Round Your Left That Oh So Simple Touch Brought A Warmth I Can T Express That Was All That It Took For Me To Make Up My Mind Letting Love For You Fill Me Up Inside Among The Everyday You Ve Shown Me Pieces Of Joy Piling Slowly Upon This Locus That We Took Step By Step Cause Finding One Another Here Within This Crazy Big World Was A Small Moment Sure But Darling The Day That I Met You Was Surely A Miracle And Even On The Days When Things Don T Go Right As Long As You Are Near The Sky Above S Bright You Make Me Forget About The Tough Façade I Would Wear On Lonely Nights Cause Only When You Re Here With Me Can I Be Who I M Meant To Be So Darling Won T You Please Stay With Me Forever You Are Dearest To My Heart Remember Walking Home How We Used To Joke And Play I Know Now Even Then That Were Living Precious Days And When I Told You How I Felt My Heart Was Beating Fast You Looked At Me So Differently Than Ever In The Past The Seconds Seemed To Last A While And Finally You Gave A Smile And I Could Feel Our Hearts Were Filling Up With Love Inside And Even Now Our Journey S Barely Just Begun I Know That Tens Of Years From Now We Ll Still Be Going Strong The Future S Shining Brighter Every Minute We Go On And Even If The Light Is Shrouded By The Night And Morning S Out Of Sight Together We Will Be Alright Repeat And Even On The Days When Things Don T Go Right As Long As You Are Near The Sky Above S Bright You Make Me Remember That I Have Someone To Share The Sorrow And The Smiles And As Long As You Are Here I Can Carry On No Fear So Darling Won T You Please Stay With Me Forever You Are Dearest To My Heart Until Very Last Second Love I Ll Be Smiling Tomorrow Even Brighter Than Today For As Long As You Re With Me I Will Always Feel That Way Tens Of Years Hundreds Of Years Or Thousands I Want You By My Side I Ll Love You Til The End Of Time Greeeen キセキ English Cover music mp3 and video mp4
Tags :渡辺レベッカ, Rebecca Butler Watanabe, GReeeeN, キセキ, kiseki, あっ、ども。おひさしぶりです。, English, 英語, cover, カバー, 弾き語り, acoustic guitar,
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