Dog Repellent Deterrent A Sound Defense

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Title : Dog Repellent Deterrent A Sound Defense
Uploader : Sound Defense Llc
Description : Dog Repellent Deterrent By Sound Defense Https Www Sounddefense Com The K9 Warning Device Is An Electronic Dog Repellent Offering Patented Technology In A Hand Held Electronic Dog Deterrent Product Of High Impact Plastic That Emits A Very Loud Audible Signal Specifically Designed For A Dog It Focuses In On A Dog S Sensitive Hearing Range The K9 Warning Device Includes A Pocket Clip And Its Accessories Include The Bicycle Attachment So Riders Can Keep The K9 Warning Device On Their Bike At All Times And A Utility Holster For Rugged Conditions Dog Repellent Deterrent A Sound Defense music mp3 and video mp4
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