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10 Things Not To Do In Romania

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Title : 10 Things Not To Do In Romania
Uploader : Destination Tips
Description : Get More Tips Here Http Www Destinationtips Com There S A Whole Lot To Do In Romania Of Course To Make The Most Out Of Your Romanian Holiday You Should Consider Following These 10 Things Not To Do For Avoiding Trouble 1 Don T Sleep On The Romanian People Romanian People Have A Reputation For Warmth And Hospitality And Their Sense Of Humor Isn T What You D Expect At All 2 Don T Talk About Dracula Yes Romania Was Once Home To A Bloodthirsty Conqueror Named Vlad Dracul A Man Who Just Loved Sticking People On Pikes You Might Be There To Visit Dracula S Home Town But The People Know About The Guy And He Kind Of Bores Them 3 Don T Zone Out When You Re In A Cab A Lot Of Taxi Drivers Will Try To Take Advantage Of You For Being Out Of Your Element Just Pay Attention To The Route Your Driver Is Taking And The Pricing Labels Listed In The Cab Itself 4 Don T Forget Bribe Money It S Not Uncommon For Doctors Or Police Officers To Expect A Little Gratuity Just To Do Their Job Correctly A Lot Of Bribes Can Run You Around 100 But In Life Threatening Emergencies It Can Increase That S Not True Of Every State Professional But It Does Happen 5 Don T Flash Your Valuables In The Open Romania Has Some Issues With Petty Theft And Pickpocketing As A Result Keep Your Valuables Out Of Site As Much As Possible And Never Keep Your Money Where It Can Be Easily Plucked From A Pocket 6 Don T Forget Your Dictionary While A Significant Portion Of The Romania Population Does Speak English Major Locations Don T Often Have Signs In English So When You Re Trying To Navigate The Country It S A Good Idea To Have A Dictionary On Hand 7 Don T Go Partying Lightly If You Have The Opportunity To Go Drinking With Some Locals You Should Know That Even On Week Nights Drinking Can Go Late Into The Night At Weddings Dancing Until The Sun Comes Up Is Expected 8 Don T Expect To Enjoy Driving Romania Is Undeniably Beautiful Unfortunately It S Highly Likely That Your Trip To Said Natural Beauty Will Be Somewhat Tarnished Thanks To Romania S Shoddy Infrastructure The Roads Are Minefields Of Pot Holes And Missing Gaps 9 Don T Leave Without Visiting An Old Village You Shouldn T Leave The Country Without Taking In Some Of Romania S Rich Cultural History Such As The Hovels In Transylvania That Have Gone Relatively Unchanged For Hundreds Of Years Or The Ardeal S Picturesque Towns 10 Don T Expect People To Withhold Private Information The Romanian People Will Gladly Tell You Private Information Soon After You Meet Them Don T Be Put Off By It Just Roll With The Punches And Enjoy Yourself That Kind Of Candid Behavior Is Too Rare To Be Rebuffed Where Do You Want To Know What Not To Do In Next Comment Below 10 Things Not To Do In Romania music mp3 and video mp4
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