How To Import A Text File Into Excel And Change Rows To Columns

Fast Download How To Import A Text File Into Excel And Change Rows To Columns video

Title : How To Import A Text File Into Excel And Change Rows To Columns
Uploader : Danny Rocks
Description : This Lesson Is In Response To A Viewer Who Asked Me How Do I Change Data That Runs Across A Row Into Data That Runs Down A Columns I Get My Original Data From A Main Frame Computer But It Takes Me Too Much Time To Get The Data To Look The Way That I Want It To Look In This Video I First Show You How To Get External Data Into Excel Next I Show You How To Use The Transpose Feature To Change The Orientation Of Your Data Make A Copy Of The Original Data Set With Data Organized In Columns Rather Than In Rows Finally I Demonstrate How To Use The Text To Columns Feature In Excel This Allows You To Quickly Break Apart An Address Block City State Zip Code That Is In One Cell Into Three Distict Columns This Is A Great Time Saver I Encourage You To Send Me Your Special Requests I Will Post A Video Lesson To Solve Your Problems As Soon As My Schedule Permits Danny Rocks Www Thecompanyrocks Com Excels How To Import A Text File Into Excel And Change Rows To Columns music mp3 and video mp4
Tags :Microsoft, MS, Excel, 2007, Import, Data, Text-to-Columns, Transpose, Delimited, File, Lesson, Tutorial,
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